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ShuYun shenzhen, shenzhen station station 4.429 million passengers

Date: 2014-09-20

The 62 day ShuYun end of work.Yesterday, reporters learned from the shenzhen railway station, during ShuYun, shenzhen, guangzhou east station, shenzhen has sent about 4.429 million passengers, up 3% from a year earlier.
According to introducing, this year ShuYun mainly students, migrant workers, tourist traffic, choose rail travel in shenzhen area of passenger flow continues to a higher level.ShuYun two months, shenzhen railway station passengers 3.829 million person-time, average daily sent more than 60000 passengers, passenger flow slightly higher than normal.Shenzhen station north fujian daily average nearly 10000 person-time, accumulative total passengers 600000 passengers, ShuYun than normal over the same period increased by 130000, a record high since the station stood open.