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Lo wu: jewelry industry

Date: 2014-11-15

Lo wu bei water after 10 years development, has become a manufacturing center of the jewelry industry, information exchange center and exhibition center, radiation effect is from domestic to international.10 years, water shell jewelry base corporate companies has increased by 4 times than in 2004, the number from personnel of course of 7 times, operating income increased by 8 times, tax revenue has increased by more than 40 times, and became the only well-known brand to create the national jewelry class demonstration area.At present, water shell jewelry park has more than 3000 jewelry production and business operation entity, the annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, occupying 70% of the country's market share.However, the change of economic environment at home and abroad, especially in the price of gold in 2013 in deep adjustment, as well as the electronic commerce has become increasingly mature, bring new challenges to the development of water shell jewelry base, transformation and upgrading has become the theme of luohu jewelry industry.