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The first "China jewelry festival" and "water bei 10 years" awards ceremony held in deep

Date: 2014-09-09

On September 9, sponsored by the China gold association, the China gold newspaper, shenzhen luohu district people's government of industries for guiding the first "China jewelry festival" and "water bei 10 years" the awards ceremony was held in shenzhen luohu synagogues."Water bei 10 years" was launched in February 2014, after half a year, in the jewelry industry has caused wide public concern and response.
The China gold association, the China gold group company general manager and party secretary Song Xin, China gold group deputy general manager of the district party committee secretary NiZeWang Wang Jinding, luohu district, shenzhen luohu district district He Haitao, luohu district federation of trade unions chairman Kang Yali, luohu district deputy district chief wang ping, party secretary of the China gold newspaper cui, China gold President TaoMingHao nearly thousands of people attended the ceremony and jewelry industry.
Since August 2004 since the establishment of shenzhen gold jewelry industry cluster base, after ten years of development, has gathered more than 3000 jewelry production and business operation entity, the total more than 100 billion yuan, luohu district is one of the four pillar industries, shenzhen one of the nine major industries, become the most influential national gold jewelry industry manufacturing, trade, information exchange and the exhibition center.
Shenzhen luohu district district He Haitao said in his speech, the achievements of this decade, without the tireless efforts of all the gold jewelry people.Batch outstanding entrepreneurs and practitioners, in order to forward-looking vision, pragmatic style of work, and the concept of innovation, dedicated to the development of gold jewelry industry, from manufacturing to create, from regional development to national expansion towards internationalization, through an extraordinary path.