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Shenzhen new rules: unpaid donors life unlimited free use

Date: 2014-12-25

Next year in shenzhen unpaid blood donors are offered and qualified, lifelong unlimited free first blood, their families will enjoy more preferential treatment in terms of clinical use."Unpaid blood donation regulations of shenzhen special economic zone (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) has been approved by the shenzhen people's congress standing committee vote.Is shenzhen 20 years later, the regulations from the legal level to conduct a comprehensive revision of unpaid blood donation act, since January 1 next year will be officially implemented.
Over the citizens in the shenzhen sez "regulations on the administration of blood donation and blood, unpaid donors age needs to reach more than 18 one full year of life, under the age of 55, a healthy body.Citizens of unpaid blood donation amount every time was also rules between 200 ml to 400 ml.But the via will age to relax the regulations, the regulations of advocating reaching the age of 18 and 60, men or women over 50 kg weight 45 kg above, meet the requirements of the blood donation health individuals, whole blood or blood components such as platelet voluntary contributions.Blood services for unpaid donors each time of whole blood, HP top shall not exceed 400 ml.
The reporter understands, in view of long-term adherence to the citizens of the unpaid blood donation, health standards, as long as it is voluntary blood donation, can also be further relax on the age limit.Zhu Weigang deputy director of the shenzhen blood center, said the age limit exemption is not counting on more old people to unpaid blood donation.He said, "just to pass the law to prove a bit, as long as the body health, unpaid blood donation is a scientific, will not endanger health".