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Jun yi investment salon will be held in shenzhen, focusing on new hotel investment opportunities

Date: 2018-10-02

On September 26, 2018, will share in jun yi jun yi investment salon featured pop hotel (shenzhen shilong wang shop).The scene nearly 100 investors to participate in, and to explore the trend in the era of Internet + framework, how to optimize the channel resources, make accurate marketing and brand strategy across time.

Bring beauty is life group vice President and CEO Xu Jianfu jun yi hotel division
The meeting by still the life group jun yi hotel group brand director Liao Yang host, divided into two part, guests sharing and group discussion.In a guest sharing session, guests and we discussed the development direction of independent hotels, the anatomy of the hotel investment opportunities and the future, joining investment analysis way of business, seek common hotel development opportunities.
In the face of the Internet age, independent hotels dividend gradually disappear, increasingly difficult to survive.For independent hotels practitioners together, still the life group vice President and jun yi hotel group CEO Xu Jianfu jun yi brand vision is introduced.He stressed that jun yi brand in the transformation and upgrading of committed to helping independent hotels at the same time, strengthen the hotel industry chain optimization and upgrading, which not only meet the demand of consumers' check in, will also avoid the hotel the limitations of traditional marketing model.

Bring beauty is life group vice President and CEO Xu Jianfu jun yi hotel division
Then, still the life group chief graphic designer as qin, general manager liu jun yi hotel in shenzhen area, also introduced in detail from the Angle of the design and operation of how to perform, help independent hotels to erase.Diversified design products increase the degree of audience attention and be fond of, adhering to the "light weight design, renovation" concept, cooperate with the transition support scheme, in large cost savings for the owners at the same time, the hotel to create their own characteristics;"Operation and run" policy, is committed to the escort for stores.

Bring beauty is life group vice President and CEO Xu Jianfu jun yi hotel division
Guests to participate in the group discussion in the link, the positive interactive discussion.
Practitioners said after the meeting, a number of hotel investment salon today will be very meaningful, lighter, marketing, operation and so on all levels to solve them for independent hotels operating in low price competition, market clamp trapped inside and outside, such problems as high commission.By jun yi 1258 personalized product design - 1 IP joint hotel, 2 theme style hotel, five types of IP theme rooms, 8 big theme style guest rooms, can give the hotel into the new element, meet consumer demand for quality improvement;"Co a design" is more customers bring people, wen, amazing experience of landscape elements.Believe that through this salon will share, there will be more hotel practitioners recognize the brand vision and service concept of jun yi, at the same time to the hotel industry for the future development trend.

Bring jun yi pop selected hotel (shenzhen shilong wang shop)
It is understood that the investment salon will as part of the battle jun yi hotel in shenzhen for jun yi brand promotion in the south China area on a beautiful, after the meeting will be nearly 40 independent hotels said practitioners are interested to join us.

Bring jun yi pop selected hotel (shenzhen shilong wang shop)
Since jun yi brand shenzhen market extended battle, a line extension team braved the typhoon, not afraid hot, in less than a month's time, visited nearly 670 offline independent hotels, 33 theme room for implementation, including 18 has in advance.Diversified product solutions, cooperate with the transition support to the ground, as the owner of shenzhen.At the same time, the generation of operations has signed three, fine operation strategy to help shenzhen monomer hotel brand upgrade, as of 25th, shenzhen special zone management index increased.

Bring jun yi pop selected hotel (shenzhen shilong wang shop)
Battle through the shenzhen, jun yi not only in the brand promotion and potential signing rate has the obvious improvement, exercise the collaboration between the various departments at the same time, the practice of high team morale, truly reflects the "hard enterprising never give up for the customer creation value" brand spirit!